Elite | Blue Dream EVERGREEN 1g Cart

87.57 % THC0.34 % CBD
$50for 1 g
Embark on a euphoric journey with Blue Dream, a beloved and legendary hybrid strain that captivates the senses with its delightful flavors and uplifting effects. With visually appealing buds showcasing a harmonious blend of deep greens and bright orange hairs, complemented by a generous coating of frosty trichomes, Blue Dream captivates the eye. As you indulge in its sweet and berry-like aroma, a medley of blueberries and tropical fruit dance playfully in the air, invoking a sense of joy and relaxation. The effects of Blue Dream offer a perfect balance, making it a versatile strain suitable for day or night. The sativa influence brings a surge of creative energy and mental clarity, while the indica traits gently relax the body, soothing muscles and easing tension. Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking to unwind, or simply want to savor a delightful hybrid experience, Blue Dream takes you on a euphoric ride, leaving you feeling uplifted, happy, and deeply content.
Prop 65 Warning
Select Elite Vape Oil is carefully crafted using highly advanced proprietary distillation techniques. The result is an activated, broad-spectrum oil, with the highest THC level possible. After distillation, strain-specific cannabis terpenes are infused to recreate the unique flavors and effects of each strain. This finely tuned process yields extremely high potency levels, while still retaining the low viscosity required for a smooth vaping experience. All Select Elites contain an organic cotton wick and a ceramic coil to preserve the delicate flavor nuances of the oil and maintain a consistent temperature for a hit that never disappoints. Includes one 1g cannabis oil cartridge, battery not included*