Grape Cream Cake | 2.3g Infused Blunt

30.04 % THC
$55for 2.3 g
Indulge your senses in the delectable allure of Grape Cream Cake, a remarkable hybrid strain that combines irresistible grape flavors with the smooth creaminess of cake. This tantalizing cross between Grape Pie and Wedding Cake delivers a truly captivating aroma that's reminiscent of freshly baked desserts. Prepare for a blissful and well-rounded experience as Grape Cream Cake envelopes you in a euphoric wave of relaxation while keeping your mind uplifted and creative. Let the soothing effects and delightful taste of Grape Cream Cake transport you to a world of pure sensory pleasure, where the harmony of grapes and cream dances on your palate and leaves you wanting more. Treat yourself to this heavenly hybrid and savor the perfect balance of flavors and effects in every delightful puff.
Prop 65 Warning
2.3g Infused Blunt. Comes with 2gs of Flower + 0.3gs Live Resin.